Monday, April 21, 2014

Water Main Repairs
Town of Harrison Mon Apr 21st: Water main leak repair,
affected properties have been notified.
Service Line Repair
None Scheduled
Hydrant Repair
None Scheduled
Hydrant Flushing
System-Wide Hydrant Flushing will begin at
approximately 11pm on Monday, April 21
and will affect the following areas in
West Harrison at various times through
approximately 11:30pm on Tuesday, April

Old Lake St, Lake St, Old Mill Rd,
Avery Ct, Park Ln, White Deer Ln, Forest
Lake Dr, Burns Rd, Horton Ct, Oak Ridge
St, Harrison Complex.

Stonewall Circle, Quaker Ln, Jamison
Ct, Shelley Ln, Bucout Rd, Carriage Hill
Rd, Park Ln, Indian Hill Rd, Old Orchard
St, Woodland Rd, Rockland Rd.

Lake St, Brae Burn Dr, Parkside Ct,
Legend Ct, Barnes Ln, Augusta Ct, High
Ridge Rd, Old Lake St, Buckout Rd,
Golden Pond Rd, Silver Stream Dr, Castle
Brook Rd, Pinehurst Dr, Park Ave,
Washington St, Stony Crest Rd, Rocky
Ridge Rd, Washington St, Dorado Dr,
Merion Dr, Oakmont Dr, Tam-O-Shanter Dr.

Village of Mamaroneck Due to ongoing work being performed by a
Contractor on behalf of the Village of
Mamaroneck, temporary water
discoloration may occur at various times
in the areas of Fenimore Rd, Waverly Rd,
Railway way, Center Ave, Fayette Ave,
Northrop Ave.

Fire Flow Test
None Scheduled