Friday, October 31, 2014

Water Main Repairs
Town of Mamaroneck Thw emergency water main repair that
caused water service interruptions on
Myrtle Blvd (#'s 166,168, 172, 176,178
and N Chatsworth Ave (#'s 14, 16,17,21)
on Thursday is partially complete and
water service has been restored. The
water use advisory issued to the
properties impacted by the water
shutdown will remain in effect until
further notice.
Service Line Repair
None Scheduled
Hydrant Repair
None Scheduled
Hydrant Flushing
System-Wide Fall hydrant flushing will begin during
the late night hours of Sunday November
2nd and is expected to continue through
Friday, November 21st. Hydrant flushing
will be done around-the-clock Monday
through Friday during this period.
Hydrant flushing will begin in the West
Harrison and Purchase sections of the
Town of Harrison next week and then
progress through the remainder of the
Town of Harrison, the Town and Village
of Mamaroneck, the Greenhaven section of
Rye and Springdale Road area of New
Rochelle. Localized, temporary water
discoloration is possible during and
following hydrant flushing. If you
should experience discolored water
conditions, do not use hot water or do
laundry while the condition lasts. To
clear the condition, run cold water on
the lowest level of your home for
several minutes until the water runs
clear. While discolored water is not
aesthetically pleasing it is safe to use
and drink. Hydrant flushing updates will
be posted on our website and
notifications via phone and/or e-mail
will be provided just prior to hydrant
flushing being done in a particular
area. . The Westchester Joint Water
Works thanks you for your patience and
cooperation while we work to provide
high water quality and reliable service
Fire Flow Test
None Scheduled