Thursday, April 17, 2014

Water Main Repairs
City of Rye Wed Apr 16th: Water main leak repair,
affected properties have been notified.
Service Line Repair
None Scheduled
Hydrant Repair
None Scheduled
Hydrant Flushing
System-Wide System-wide hydrant flushing is
scheduled to begin in the West Harrison
section of Harrison on Tuesday, April
22nd. Updates to be provided regarding
schedule for balance of WJWW service
Village of Mamaroneck Due to ongoing work being performed by a
Contractor on behalf of the Village of
Mamaroneck, temporary water
discoloration may occur at various times
in the areas of Fenimore Rd, Waverly Rd,
Railway way, Center Ave, Fayette Ave,
Northrop Ave.

Fire Flow Test
None Scheduled