Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Water Main Repairs
Village of Mamaroneck Regarding the water main break repair
that caused water service interruptions
to five homes on Toni Ln (#'s 400, 405,
410, 415) and two homes on Sylvan Ln
(#'s 905,915) - Water use restrictions
have been lifted as of Monday November
24th and normal water use may be
resumed. Temporary water connections are
expected to remain in place pending
completion of water main replacement by
the end of the first week of December.
Service Line Repair
None Scheduled
Hydrant Repair
None Scheduled
Hydrant Flushing
System-Wide Fall hydrant flushing has been
completed. Hydrant flushing is done
twice a year to help maintain high water
quality and reliability within the water
distribution system. The next round of
hydrant flushing will occur in the early
Spring of 2015. WJWW thanks all of its
customers for their cooperation in this
Fire Flow Test
None Scheduled