Frigid Temperature Alert: Frozen Water Meters and Frozen Water Pipes...

To avoid frozen pipes and frozen water meters during this extreme cold:

- Keep thermostats set at 55 degrees or higher;

- Open an inside faucet and allow a thin stream of water to run to prevent freezing of water in pipes;

- Check your water meter and water pipes that may be in areas exposed to drafts or cold and make sure they are properly insulated;

- Open cabinets doors to allow heat into areas where piping may be on an exterior wall;

- Heat tape or heat cables can be wrapped around plumbing in unheated areas to help prevent freezing;

If a water meter or pipe does freeze, to thaw it, try running warm air from a hair dryer over it or try wrapping rags and pouring hot water over it.  If a leak develops, turn off the water valve before the water meter and call a licensed plumber to make a repair.