Seasonal Hydrant Flushing to Begin on Monday March 12th...

Seasonal fire hydrant flushing activities will begin during the early morning hours of Monday March 12th and are expected to continue around the clock Monday through Friday for a period of approximately two and a half weeks. As Hydrant flushing progresses from section to section of our service region, updates can be accessed through the Water System Maintenance button on our website homepage and notifications via phone and or e-mail will be provided just prior to hydrant flushing being done in a particular area.

Localized, temporary water discoloration is possible during and following hydrant flushing.  We suggest that you bypass any filtration systems that you may have while flushing activities are going on in your local area. If you should experience discolored water conditions, do not use hot water or do laundry while the condition lasts. To clear the condition, run cold water on the lowest level of your home for several minutes until the water runs clear. While discolored water is not aesthetically pleasing, it is safe to use and drink.

WJWW's hydrant flushing program is critical to maintaining high water quality and for assessing the conditon of water system infrastructure.  As always, we will make best efforts to minimize the impacts and inconvenience to our customers while carrying out this vital activity.