WJWW Project to Impact Village of Mamaroneck Traffic Beginning Week of January 1st...

The Westchester Joint Water Works will begin work on a capital project to construct a water transmission main starting on or about January 2nd in the Village of Mamaroneck.  When necessary, the construction will begin at 9am to lessen the impact to the main roads during rush hour.  The construction will affect the following roads and will impact the traffic in the area:

- Mamaroneck Avenue at the intersection of N Barry Avenue Extension (Lane Reduction) Off-Peak Overnight Hours

- N. Barry Avenue Extension from Mamaroneck Avenue to 1st Street (Eastbound Detour) Off-Peak Overnight Hours

- 1st Street between N Barry Avenue Extension and Meadow Street (Detour)

- Meadow Street from 1st Street and 3rd Street (Detour)

- 3rd Street from Meadow Street to N Barry Avenue (Detour)

- N. Barry Avenue from 3rd Street to Grove Street (Westbound Detour)  Off-Peak Overnight Hours

- Grove Street from N Barry Avenue to West Street (Detour)

The construction route will start on Mamaroneck Avenue at the intersection of N Barry Avenue Extension.  Each phase will have maintenance and protection of traffic including the use of detours when needed (the contractors will work with local residents to maintain access to their homes).  The public is advised to avoid the area if possible or allow for extra travel time until the portion of the project is completed in the Village of Mamaroneck.  

If you have any questions you may contact the Westchester Joint Water Works at 914-698-3500.