Meters & Meter Reading

Remote Meter Reading Initiative:

The Westchester Joint Water Works (WJWW) is nearing completion of its remote meter reading initiative.  Approximately 82% of customer meters are now equipped with transmitters that allow for vehicle based meter reading. WJWW is now in the process of upgrading the remaining meters in its system and installing transmitters which should allow for 100% of customer meters to be read by vehicle by the end of 2017. 

The two designs of remote reading devices are 510M for meters installed inside a premises (mounted to an outside wall) and 520M for meters installed outside in a pit (installed through the pit cover).


520M – Pit Set Unit

Dimensions: 4.43”W x 5.09H x 4.6”D
Color: Black
Weight: 1 lbs

510M - Non-Pit Set Unit

Dimensions: 5 9/16”W x 5 ½”H x 3”D
Color: Tan
Weight: 1.13lbs 18.08 oz

Meter Settings: