Transition to Monthly Billing for Town/Village of Harrison Quarterly Water Accounts

All Harrison quaterly customer please take note that you will receive your first monthly water bill in May.  WJWW is making this change to monthly meter reading and billing to help customers identify any unusual water usage or water leaks sooner. This will allow for more timely repairs to pipes or adjustments to water using appliances/systems that will help to reduce costs incurred by customers for unintended water use.  It also puts your water bill on a monthly cycle similar to most other bills that you receive making it easier to keep track of. 

After paying the quarterly bill that you have just received (covering water usage for the past three months), you will need to do one of the following in advance of paying your first monthly bill that you will receive in May (covering water use for the month of April):

If you are already using our online system for making recurring payments:, you will need to 

Login into your KliknPay account; 

Once logged-in, click Recurring Payments;

Go to View/Edit Recurring Payments;

Change your type of payment From Quarterly Fixed or Quarterly Current Amount Due to Monthly Fixed or Monthly Current Amount Due.

If you are not using our convenient online payment system, we encourage you to sign-up via our website (  Just click the Pay Your Bill button on the homepage and follow the simple instructions on how to register to have your bills paid automatically on a monthly basis going forward.  If you plan to continue to pay by check, be sure to pay the monthly bill you receive in May and for each month thereafter before the monthly due date indicated on the bill.

If you should have any questions regarding the switch to monthly billing or our online payment system (KliknPay), please call us at (914) 698-3500 during regular business hours (Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm).